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Successful outcomes depend on reliable transportation. Communiride provides diverse options in transportation for personal and commercial customers…

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Our Mission

We vow to provide innovative and sustainable transportation scheduling solutions to the communities we serve. We do this by remaining customer-focused, reliable, and attentive to the changing needs of our clients.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Access to pre-transportation scheduling and management can be the solution to riders and medications getting to their destinations.  However, many times a lack of funds keeps riders and pharmacies from meeting their obligations.   You deserve options when making arrangements for transportation, and Communiride is just the company to leverage innovative transportation options to get your riders or medications there!   You can be confident you’re partnering with a team that will craft the right solutions for your business. Communiride is committed to providing excellent service. Check out our services below. Connecting with us is easy as 1, 2, 3!


net terms

We offer net terms from 30 days to 180 days. We realize that every business isn’t the same…so why expect cookie cutter net terms? Partner with us, and see what a difference flexible terms can make!



diverse transportation options

We are experts in scheduling transportation for your clients. We handle Shared-ride (like Uber and Lyft), Non-emergent Medical Transportation (like wheel-chair vans), and Air Travel (we even pay baggage fees!). You name it…we schedule it. Use our super easy web-based app, or give us a call! Read more below…



delivery makes the difference

Getting your products in the hands of your customers can mean the difference in a sale…or a missed opportunity. Partner with Communiride to access innovative on-demand delivery options to expand your company’s reach. Your customers are waiting on you! Read more below…


Our Promise

Create more predictability in pricing and provide added value for your clients.


Transportation & Delivery Options

Need a last minute ride to your destination?  Did you just gain another Pharmacy customer who needs their meds today? We're experts at delivering the transportation solutions you need, even at the last minute.  Our customer care line is open and available to partnered companies from 9 am CST to 10 pm CST.  However, general inquiries are accepted 24/7 on our contact form.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations every time! Find out a little more about our services below…



Shared-ride companies such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar have dominated the transportation arena. The internet has provided many amazing opportunities to connect with others, and with the advent of shared-ride apps, companies like ours, can connect clients like yours with transportation across the U.S. at a moment’s notice!

air travel

Does your client need to travel to another city for medical care? No problem! We schedule air travel, and even cover costs like baggage fees too. We’ll send boarding passes via text, and even request special seating arrangements and a concierge wheelchair service, if needed.

non-emergent transportation

Getting to medical appointments is critical when your client’s health is on the line. Our relationships with companies throughout the U.S., allows Communiride to schedule a wheelchair van for your client at a moment’s notice. Non-emergent medical transportation is typically reserved for clients who are not able to walk on their own.


Need a delivery service you can depend on? Communiride will earn your trust with our delivery service. We have our own fleet of transporters who can get medications, lunch and other packages to the correct address, on-time! ScripRide, a white-label product will launch in 2019 for Pharmacy delivery.

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june 2018

I am so excited to partner with you all. Now I can focus more on winning my case, and less on how I am going to pay for my client’s next ride to the doctor…

Richard B., Memphis, TN

september 2018

With breast cancer awareness month coming up, I am excited to offer women in my support group rides to their mammogram. I am not going to let not having a ride stop them from making their health a priority. Thank God for Communiride and donations!

Doris W., Millington, TN

september 2018

This delivery thing is going to take my catering business to the next level. I can triple the number of orders I can take, now that I don’t have to waste half of the day delivering them… Super excited!

Annie K., Memphis, TN


Get Started!

Is your organization meeting the critical transportation needs of your clients? Let’s find out together! Give us a call and let’s find out where we fit in your business strategy. Find out what’s in it for you, below…


NAtion-wide transport

Schedule shared-ride, Non-emergent and air travel nation-wide, any time of the day. Our platform covers you in any city!

Net terms

Take up to 6 months to cover your expenses. We work around your company’s budget. “Insert happy dance”

real-time analytics

Our cloud-based web app provides 24/7 reporting capabilities, and a clean user experience keeps our screens easy on the eyes, too!

Are you ready to get started? Give us a call to start the process!

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