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Most law firms whether recently opened, or going into their 40th year in business, understand the value of bringing in new clients.  Without clients, firms cannot remain in business.  Introducing innovative methods and processes to lessen the financial burden of doing business, is critical.  The use of litigation transportation financing is becoming essential, and Communiride, LLC is empowering law firms to free up capital for other business purposes, improve risk management and financial reporting.

Below are some of the challenges firms face:

When clients lack transportation...

-  Clients may miss important court appointments.

-  Clients may miss medical appointments.  This can lead to extended case and recovery periods, in addition to delayed settlements.

-   Clients may have to rely on treatment from medical providers who offer transportation.  These medical providers may not provide the best service, which can lead to poor patient outcomes.  

Predictability in pricing...

-    Shared-ride services like Uber and Lyft have become reliable, inexpensive methods of transportation for litigants.  Pricing is available prior to booking and confirming transportation.     

-   Communiride provides an upfront tiered fee schedule to share with your client, prior to accepting our transportation financing.  

If your firm is experiencing even one of these problems, we encourage you to seek out our services.  Remember, we work with firms of all sizes, and there is no need to rely on your firm's available capital or lines of credit to pay for client and expert witness-related transportation costs.   We understand that the lack of capital can force a good case into settlement prematurely and deny an injured party the medical treatment that they need and deserve.   

If your firm could use transportation-related capital relief during your personal injury case, please complete the form on this page.  Remember, Communiride, LLC covers both airline and vehicle transportation costs, for clients and attorneys.  We cover items from baggage fees to shared-ride services like Uber and Lyft.  We even schedule the transportation and provide custom itineraries for each client!


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